2017 Dedham Park and Recreation\Open Space Master Plan

The purpose of the project is to develop a comprehensive Parks and Recreation and Open Space Master Plan for the Town of Dedham. The goal of the project is to develop a mutually supported plan that provides guidance for future development and redevelopment and maintenance of the town’s parks, recreation programming, which also includes open space, trails, facilities, natural features and landscape. The Master Plan will guide policy development, delivery of services, prioritize demands and opportunities, and generate a strategic action plan to be updated every seven (7) years. It will support expansion opportunities for ground-breaking amenities by creating a facility and space needs assessment using population growth, and be rooted in innovative strategies including all-inclusive public engagement and cross-boundary/collaborative approaches. In addition, the project will seek to incorporate accessibility and environmental & conservation opportunities.

The Park and Recreation\Open Space Master Plan Committee has chose Horsely and Witten as the vendor for the project.

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