Rules & Regulations

River Safety

Kayaking or canoeing is a terrific way to explore the Charles River. To ensure a safe and fun experience always follow these safety rules:

Safe Travels

As a visitor, you assume responsibility for your safety and actions. To help ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable, please:

» Exercise caution and use sound judgment.

» Lifejackets should be worn at all times.

» Become familiar with the Dedham Water Trail, pick up or download a trail map, and plan your route before you set out.

» Check the weather before heading out.

» Wear appropriate clothing and footwear – including life jackets. New England weather can change quickly – be prepared!

» Carry necessary supplies, even for a short outing: insect repellent, sun block, snack food, drinking water, an extra layer. Stay hydrated.

» Keep a close eye on children and pets and make sure they have life jackets.

» Secure your car and leave valuables inside (The Town of Dedham is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belonging while visiting the Water Trail.)

» Always notify someone on shore of where you are going and when you expect to return.

» Call 911 in case of Emergency.

Environmental Stewardship Code

Please help protect the Charles River by observing the following:

» Do not disturb or feed wildlife and maintain a respectful distance.

» Do not cut or pull plants or flowers along the Charles without the permission of the DCR or the Dedham Conservation Commission.

» Help keep air and water clean.

» Carry out what you carry in.

» Use marked footpaths.

» Respect the privacy of neighboring land by obeying all posted signs

» Enjoy and share the landscape with others